Origami rabbit head

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Origami rabbit head

If you liked the dog head origami model, you will certainly also like this very cute bunny! The model is also very simple. It's perfect for Easter, but you don't have to wait until next year to color, print and fold this rabbit!


Origami rabbit head - Model coloring

Select colors and patterns for the head and ears of your rabbit, then print the colored model and cut the square.

The white part at the bottom right corner will not be visible once the model is folded
Origami rabbit head coloring page

If you prefer to color your rabbit head with pens or pencils, you can print this model. Click on the picture to see it in high resolution and to print it.


Origami rabbit head - Folding instructions

1. Place the model with the colored side under, then fold the square in two as shown above.

2. Turn over the model, then fold the ears at the marked line.

3. Fold the right ear towards the top and bring the side at the level of the dotted line.

4. Fold the second ear.

5. Fold the top of the head and tuck inside the fold in front of the ears.

6. Fold the snoot behind the head and crease well. There are many layers of paper so you have to crease the fold well. And your rabbit is ready!

What do you think of this origami rabbit head? You can use it for Easter decorations, you can hide a few rabbits in your garden, or just use it to decorate your room!

If you color, print and fold this origami rabbit, could you please take a picture of it and show it to us? We would like to create a collection with everyone's bunnies! Thank you!

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