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Origami is much easier with models you can color. All folds are already marked and you can't make a mistake. And with our online coloring app with patterns, colors and gradients, creating wonderful unique origamis is a piece of cake!

Have fun!

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Origami: the Art of paper folding

Origami is the art of folding paper to create evocative shapes: animals, flowers, boxes etc. With Colorigami, the paper is a colored drawing, so the models are even more evocative, and the folding is much easier: all the folds are already marked, so it is very easy to know where to fold. You can print all models with a printer on standard paper.

An activity for kids and adults alike

We publish very easy origami models, instructions and tutorials that even young children can make and follow (with sometimes a bit of help), and also more advanced but still very easy to make models.

DIY, decoration, games, papertoys etc.

You can use the origami models to create objects (mobiles, boxes, vases, gifts etc.), to decorate a room, to play etc.

Origami paper

It is not necessary to buy special paper for origami (Japanese washi paper etc.): you can also print your own patterned paper on standard letter or A4 sheets. For paper toys and cards, you can also use heavier / stronger paper.