Origami dog head

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Origami dog head

Here is an origami dog head model that even very young children can color and fold very easily. There are only 4 folds. A very cute and very easy to create dog, what else could we ask for? Try it at home!


Origami dog head - Model coloring

Choose colors and patterns for the two halves of the head, the patch around the eye of the dog, the ears and the nose. Print the colored model and cut the square.

You can also change the color of the eyes if you wish.
Coloring origami dog head

If you prefer to color your dog head with pens or pencils, you can print this model. Click on the picture to see it in high resolution and to print it.


Origami dog head - Folding instructions

1. Place the model with the colored side underneath, and fold it in two as shown in the picture above.

2. Fold the left ear at the marked fold.

3. Fold the right ear.

4. Fold the snout at the line. You need to fold both both layers together. And you are done, your dog is ready to go playing!

This dog head is a very good model for origami beginners, in particular for young kids who will be able to create a very cute puppy head all by themselves!

If you like this model, we will certainly create similar models with a cat head, a rabbit head etc.

We hope you will like this puppy, that you will try out the model and that you will show the result to all your friends! (and to us as well!)

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