Origami fish

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Origami fish

Here is an origami model for a fish perfect for April's fool day! You can color your fish online, print the model, fold it and of course hang it on the back of an unsuspecting friend or relative!


Origami fish - Model coloring

Select colors and patterns for the head, body and fins of your fish, and then print the colored model and cut the square.

Note: patterns are rotated so that they appear in the same direction once your fish is folded. In particular you can use the "scales" patterns for the body, tail and fins, the result is fantastic!
Origami fish coloring page. If you prefer to color your fish with pens or pencils, you can print this model. Click on the picture to see it in high resolution and to print it.


Origami fish - Folding instructions

1. Put the colored side above, and fold the square in two along the diagonal. Crease well.

2. Unfold the square, turn it so that the colored side is below, and fold along the other diagonal. Crease well again.

3. Unfold the square, put the colored side below, with the eyes at the right.
Fold the top right side towards the center. Then do the same with the left side.

4. Unfold the square, then repeat the previous step for the bottom sides

5. Lift the head of the fish to put the right corner inside, and then fold the head towards the top.

6. Repeat the previous step for the left side. Crease well.

7. Fold the bottom tip to the top of the head. The fold is marked with a dotted line on the underside.

8. Fold the tail towards the left, the fold location is marked with a dotted line. The tip of the tail should go to the very left of the head.

9. Unfold the tail and fold it to the right side.

10. Unfold the tail and fold it at the center. The fold is already there, you just have to crease it again.

11. Fold the tail to the left.

12. Lower the tail.

13. Turn over the model.

14. Lower the unfolded tail.

15. We will now fold the second part of the tail, just like the first part. Fold the tail so that the tip goes to the top of the fish head.

16. Fold the tail towards the left.

17. Unfold the tail and fold it to the right.

18. Unfold, crease the central fold and fold the tail to the left.

19. Lower the tail.

20. Your fish is ready!

We hope you will like this origami fish and that you will color, print and fold many of them so that you can hang them on many friends today! :-)

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